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    Thursday, June 20, 2013
    In Memoriam

    On June 19th, 2013, Tre Chipman, the man we knew as Ascendant, passed away.

    We love you, Big A, and we'll miss you.

    A larger tribute will be posted some time next week.

    Night-Girl logged this intel at 5:15:00 PM

    Unfortunately, comments for new posts won't work since Blogger stopped FTP publishing. If you'd like to comment, please try the Insta-Feedback on the left, or do so in the forums!

    Saturday, April 28, 2012
    Hero of the City, 8 years later!

    Sorry there haven't been updates in a long, long time. The Liberty League's EZ-web publishing service stopped publishing the way we used it, and Americop's laziness rubbed off on me too much to make a new one. So this update must be really special, because I'm doing it manually, and let me tell you, pressing these keys is so much work.

    Anyway, congratulations to our newest Hero of the City, Frost Kitten!

    It's been a long time coming, even longer than Silver Streak! (By the way, Streak, send me a screenshot and I'll get yours up too!)

    Congrats, Frost Kitten!

    Night-Girl logged this intel at 10:08:00 PM

    Unfortunately, comments for new posts won't work since Blogger stopped FTP publishing. If you'd like to comment, please try the Insta-Feedback on the left, or do so in the forums!

    Friday, April 30, 2010
    The Liberty League's Dam Heroes!

    The Liberty League faced down Dr. Vahzilok in the Faultline Dam, and some other surprises, while on Positron's New and Improved Task Force!

    After triumphing over robed D&D rejects, robots, and zombies, we stopped for a photo op for one of Punchin' Judy's fans. Silver Streak was very surprised and sad that the fan wasn't his.

    We're your fans, Streak!

    Night-Girl logged this intel at 10:04:00 PM


    Tuesday, April 06, 2010
    Look what I got!

    (Thanks, Night-Girl <3!)

    Fatare logged this intel at 11:52:00 AM


    Saturday, September 19, 2009
    Master of the Imperious Task Force!

    Today we took on Romulus and his rogue Cimerorans with the added challenge of not using anything but our own abilities, and with nobody being knocked out for the entire ordeal!

    Of course, I forgot my camera, so all I have is this picture of Punchin' Judy as proof of our accomplishment, and her awesomeness as the top badger on Virtue!

    Night-Girl logged this intel at 6:05:00 PM


    Sunday, September 13, 2009
    Blast from the Past 2: Blast Harder

    Everybody's favorite charging cattle of catastrophe is back, and he's unable to contain his excitement!

    Battle Bovine!

    Welcome back, BB!

    Night-Girl logged this intel at 7:33:00 PM


    Sunday, September 06, 2009
    A Blast from the Past!

    After a long absence, the Liberty League welcomes an old friend back into the fold!

    Kid D.C.!

    Who wants to roll with the Kid?

    Night-Girl logged this intel at 2:07:00 PM


    The Return of the 5th Column

    Sorry for the lack of updates, heroes, but we've been busy! The 5th Column, who have been in hiding since the Council took over, have finally made their move, and recruited the League of Evil to help them with their dastardly plan!

    The first part of the plan was to steal security codes sealed in the time capsule created when the Omega Team went to fight the Rikti on their homeworld.

    They then used these codes to free the most terrifying villain the multiverse has ever inflicted upon Paragon:

    The Reichsman

    The Liberty League was called in to defeat him! We had to find him first, fighting the 5th Column as they flooded Boomtown from their hiding place.

    After making them talk, we then took on the Reichsman himself in the secret base the 5th Column had prepared for their new leader:

    Though we stopped their plan and defeated the Reichsman, there have been rumors of the 5th Column striking back against the Council on the streets of Paragon, both by taking prisoners:

    And through outright assault:

    But rest assured, citizens, the Liberty League will be there to stop them at every turn!

    Night-Girl logged this intel at 1:14:00 PM


    Saturday, January 10, 2009
    Masters of Statesman's Task Force! (again)

    Tonight Statesman gave a call out to all the heroes of Paragon, to help him stop the plans of the most powerful (if dorky) foe in the Rogue Isles: Lord Recluse! Statesman told us he'd give us extra recognition if we didn't have any outside help, and didn't let any villains get the best of any one of us.

    Fatare and I joined a ragtag group of heroes led by the incredibly tall Gigantic-Moe, and we were victorious!
    Thanks to Gigantic-Moe, Dharma Moon, Matcho Man (he controls fire, get it? Match-o man? I laughed), Wayfinder, Summanus Tempest, and Lady Psi for their heroic efforts and unusually good teamwork for a first-time team-up!

    Night-Girl logged this intel at 10:38:00 PM


    Inter-dimensional Travel Can Be Hazardous to Your Health

    ...that is, if you're a villain, and the Liberty League is doing the inter-dimensional travelling to your area.

    Last week, the Liberty League wrapped up its four week foray into the Shadow Shard, and defeated the mightiest giant floating bad guys in dresses that you ever did see. Again, sadly, I was lacking in the photography department, and these were the only shots I got:

    Here, Dynamite Girl is telling Ruladak the Strong something about his mother. This, of course, enrages him, because it reminds him that he doesn't have a mother, you ignorant clod.

    The Liberty League dispatches Lanaru the Mad! I have no recollection of who was on the team, but it was mostly Leaguers and a couple of friends of the League. That's what happens when you get lazy and wait weeks to post updates, combined with bad photography that misses 90% of the people you meant to photograph. I'm pretty sure that's Djundi on the lower right, though.

    Night-Girl logged this intel at 10:21:00 PM


    Happy (very belated) New Year!

    The League held it's 3rd annual New Year's Day party, and it was a blast as usual!

    Sadly, I wasn't quite on the ball with the camera this year, and this is the only shot I got. Thanks to everyone who came, congrats to our trivia and costume contest winners, and thanks to DJ Templar and the Cape for the music!

    Night-Girl logged this intel at 10:07:00 PM


    Wednesday, July 16, 2008
    Hero of the...! Wait a minute.

    Greetings heroes! This week we caught word of a member of the League of Evil hitting the big time-- Mind Stinger is now considered a maximum threat supervillain, so we're watching out for her!

    Night-Girl logged this intel at 10:53:00 PM


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