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    Monday, January 01, 2007
    Liberty League's New Year's Day Party!

    We had a FABULOUS turnout for the Hair Of the Dog That Bit You Party! We were able to invite heroes and villains alike into our recently renovated base to host a bash for all!

    The party started in our Dojo/Trophy Room, where DJ Cyclos spun up the tunes as we all danced on the sparring mat.

    As the party got going, we moved poolside where everyone had a blast, and some people changed into clothing too revealing to be legal. (I'm looking at you, Cheats. ACK! Now I'm averting my eyes.)

    Here, we had a Paragon Trivia contest, and the first costume contest-- a non-themed contest that was judged by Captain Meteor, Silver Streak, Fatare, and myself.

    Standing in front of the BATTLE GAZEBO! are the winners of the first contest! From left to right, we have Solar Shot and Satan Girl, who tied for 3rd, Frozen-Flame at 2nd, and Groundwave who got 1st place!

    After the costume contest, we moved to the Lounge! Here you can see the East side of the Lounge, where people are relaxing, reading, and... hey! Hour Woman, you of all people should know better than to stand on the furniture!

    On the West side of the Lounge, you can see a few people around the bar, including Captain Decency and the Monsignor, who are likely trying to keep people from getting sloshed, while Punchin' Judy is trying to get them sloshed.

    Ascendant hosted the Comic Book Trivia contest here in the Lounge, which actually included its own retcon!

    Also, Santa Claws showed up!

    Not really, that's just Tyger Stryke dressed up like him. Good enough!

    And yes, I know it's spelled Claus. Puns are popular with the League, assuming you don't count Captain Karate.

    As the night wore on, we moved to the Heroes of Days Gone By Costume Contest! This contest was judged on Golden Age style. Here, you can see the contestants lined up in front of the podium in the Liberty League Meeting Hall.

    Again, we go to the BATTLE GAZEBO! To see the winners! From left to right, we have first place winner Draco Templaris, Clobber-Girl is in the semi-middle with Third Place, and last is Second Place winner, Major Disorder!

    At the end of the party, Ascendant dedicated the very romantic song Muskrat Love by The Captain and Tenille to Andora Adlet. Andy, sadly, was unable to attend this party which she had planned and was so looking forward to, due to her epic battle with the villainous master of computers, Alienware.

    Thanks to everyone who came, and special thanks to Andora Adlet and Ascendant for planning it, DJ Cyclos for DJing it, Psychopomp and Ascendant for donating their time for art and writing prizes, Avathar Morn for providing the Hamidon Enhancements for the first place winner in the first contest, and Julius Seizure and Enerdjin for providing Villain prizes! I hope I didn't miss anyone, but the good news is, I can edit this later and include you, so speak up!

    And Happy New Year!

    Night-Girl logged this intel at 9:09:00 PM


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