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    Friday, August 26, 2005
    Friends don't let Friends wear Supergroup Colors. Below are a few pics of the beloved Liberty League and Liberty League Scouts in Supergroup colors. Please don't let this travesty happen to you.

    Boscoe logged this intel at 2:21:00 AM


    Once again the Liberty League has produced another Hero of the City. Mister Magic was presented the award over the weekend. Remember folks Leave the Justice to Us.

    Boscoe logged this intel at 2:18:00 AM


    Friday, August 19, 2005

    My fellow heroes, let's take a glimpse of what Paragon City will be like in the year 2025!

    Battle Bovine logged this intel at 10:36:00 PM


    Thursday, August 11, 2005

    You know what happens when the Liberty League and Friends meet up with a freakish Rikti mutant Hydra living in the Abandoned Sewer Systems beneath the city? Nothing good (for the Hydra, that is)! Armed with awesome guns (as demonstrated below by heroes The Requiter and Mister Magic), the heroes stormed the sewers, dispatching all alien forces in their way. Excellent job, heroes, the sewers are safe again for the mutated homeless, aliens, gang members and cultists!

    Requiter logged this intel at 8:50:00 PM


    Monday, August 08, 2005

    Today was a good day for the League and a bad day to be a gigantic monster! Starting early in the morning with the Adamastor (as reported below), members of the Liberty League proceeded to smash not only Jurassik but also the Kraken of Perez Park all in the same day!

    Great work, heroes! That'll show those monsters what-for!

    Requiter logged this intel at 5:53:00 PM


    Adamastor... Mastered!

    Pictured here are Capt. Bonfire, The Requiter and The Awesome Humant, battling the demon Adamastor! It was a long haul, but of course the intretip heroes were victorious in the end. Back to hell, monster!

    Immortal Torch logged this intel at 1:42:00 PM


    Sunday, August 07, 2005

    When the Liberty League hears rumor of interdimensional stray animals, it's our right-- nay, our duty -- to make sure they get a good home... a good home in the Zigg, that is!

    The Praetorian dubbed 'Bobcat' thought the world was her milk bowl until the League rolled into town and taught her a lesson about being a naughty kitty. Remember, kids, spay and neuter your supervillains and villainesses... it's the only safe way to stop them from spreading their evil.

    Requiter logged this intel at 9:04:00 PM


    Wednesday, August 03, 2005
    Liberty League trading cards are here! Now you too can swap Americop for the awesome Humant with your friends! Does it get any better?!

    View More!

    We will be adding more, we do have more than 4 members... no really we do. Stop laughing.

    Digital logged this intel at 10:47:00 AM


    Monday, August 01, 2005

    An exciting challenge for the Liberty League and friends!

    When the call for aid came from Mister Karate, members of the Liberty League sprang into action to help stop the Malta Wildflower Menace. They battled through the rooms and hallways of the high-tech Malta compound, devastating Titans, Sappers, Operatives, and in one unfortunate incidence the good china. It wasn't long before they defeated the rascally rogues, shutting down their mysterious program-- for good, or so they thought.

    As soon as they left the compound, a surprise greeted them! A massive, hulking, building-sized metallic monstrosity. It was the fabled Kronos-class Titan. Here we can see the intrepid team taking on the gigantic robot. Mister Karate, Captain Meteor, Stachel, Haley's Comet, Hallowed Steve and Apollo's Shadow dished out the damage and healing, while the awesome Humant kept the titan from crushing the team-- or him!

    After a drawn out battle, the amazing adventurers subdued the titanic terror and called it a day.

    Immortal Torch logged this intel at 3:31:00 PM


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