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    Tuesday, July 27, 2004
    Hello, Heroes! 

    Here at L.L. H.Q., we're in the process of making some changes to the website to make it more...useful. Added links to all our comics on the left along with an application form & we're putting together a screenshot gallery, a group roster, and anything else we can think of.
    Also, any League members (and allies) are welcome to make postings, upload pics, etc.  Eventually we hope to be able to have a profile page for everyone that they can edit themselves among other things.  To get registered & recieve privileges to post, send an email to requesting access, and you will be sent back an e-mail with instructions.  You will have to sign up with Blogger, but its not a hassle. 

    So, members, sign up, and everyone stick around & check back over the next few days to see wha' happen!

    Americop logged this intel at 1:32:00 AM


    Monday, July 19, 2004
    Hiya, Heroes;
    For the League's private readin' pleasure, the Weevil's posted the new L.L. comic here for all to enjoy.  The link is , so check 'er out, Jack.
    Also, the Weevil has a buncha pics from when the junior League members took down the Clockwork King last week.  He'll post 'em for y'all to see ASAP.  That's it, Jack...

    The Weevil logged this intel at 8:55:00 PM


    Wednesday, July 07, 2004
    Greetings, heroes. Battle Bovine episode 6 is up in it's nearly complete form. I just need to add Captain Meteor talking about what we all learned at the end. But in the meantime, here are all of the Battle Bovine comics in this one handy index because I'm too lazy to make one for the Battle Bovine homepage.
    Episode 1
    Episode 2
    Episode 3
    Episode 4
    Episode 5
    Episode 6 (minus the ending)

    Hey, kids! Here are some fun facts I bet you didn't know about the Liberty League!

    -The Weevil's favorite coffee mug has a picture of the Jamaican flag on it and says "Jamaica me crazy".
    -Nachtfalke once saved a small town from a wild motorcycle gang and was awarded a pig who became one of her best friends.
    -Soil used to work in a tractor factory and was voted employee of the month 3 times in a row.
    -Battle Bovine once jump kicked Shredder and saved the ninja turtles from being turned back into regular turtles.
    -Captain Meteor was the first man to ever travel across the Atlantic Ocean on a rascal electric scooter.
    -Americop feeds orphaned baby birds with his mouth.

    Also, the League is going after The Clockwork King tomorrow night. Look for pictures of that at a later time.

    Battle Bovine logged this intel at 12:49:00 AM


    Saturday, July 03, 2004
    Hello, Heroes of Liberty League...

    We have set this site up as a place for us all to post information & keep track of situational data relevant to the League. All members (or allies) who wish to post, contact me for access.

    Keep watching for League news, pictures, arrest blotters, and anything else. Carry on, Heroes!

    Americop logged this intel at 1:31:00 AM


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