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    Sunday, July 24, 2005
    Represent the Liberty League on Message Boards!

    In honor of our fabulous service to Paragon City, Statesman has commissioned a special Liberty League medal to be distributed to our overly heroic heroes. To celebrate this event, I've whipped up a special 80 x 80 avatar for use on message boards depicting our latest honor. To use it, simply type:

    Into the box where you link to your avatar on your personal profile! Viola! You're now representing the League in style!

    Requiter logged this intel at 10:25:00 PM


    Saturday, July 23, 2005
    Today, the Liberty League teamed up with some friends to save some heroes from the awful fate of being turned into a Devoured by the Devouring Earth.

    Left to right in the back, we have Leaguers Mark Nine, Tunguska, Requiter, and Digital. Center is Half-Cocked of Trouble, and left to right on her sides are Green Valkyrie, Major Britain, and Gabriel's Fury of the Dawn Patrol.

    The Devouring Earth are well known for their love of the camera, so we endulged their final wish to be immortalized on the front page of the League website before we shocked, blasted, and smashed the bejeezus out of them.

    Here you see them all posing nicely for us in the background:

    The Crystal Titan, aka "Bob the Vain", insisted on being at the center. The 10,000 simultaneous groans uttered in response by the rest of the crystaline horde was quite deafening, but we let him have it anyway. Sort of.

    Here we have a picture of the crystalline horde being demolished. They asked us not to take pictures of their humiliation, but we did anyway.

    You can't really see any of us there, but, we are there, just trust me on that one.

    We gave the camera to one of the heroes we rescued, Gale, for the Titan battle, but unfortunately he knocked her unconscious before she could get a good shot. Everybody be sure to send Gale a card and/or some flowers during her hospital stay. We're pulling for you, Gale!

    And finally, here is the team showing off:

    Night-Girl logged this intel at 7:12:00 PM


    Thursday, July 21, 2005

    Following an offer we couldn't refuse, the Liberty League assisted famed superhero Mr. Karate in taking down the infamous Giovanna Scaldi. While sources say she's been spectrally alive for about two hundred years, rest assured that she's gonna get the worst nights sleep of her life tonight -- in a Paragon City jail cell!

    Requiter logged this intel at 12:00:00 AM


    Wednesday, July 06, 2005
    Don't mess with the Liberty League!

    Ook! heroes, just a reminder to all the evil-doer out there not to mess with the League. Not only are we sharp looking, but also carry some heavy weaponry. Here you see our lovely Madeline Skye on patrol in Skyway City with a Rikti Thermite Cannon. Trolls beware!

    'mazing Monkey logged this intel at 4:23:00 PM


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