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    Saturday, January 12, 2008
    Masters of Statesman's Task Force!

    You're not going to believe this, heroes! We set out on a trial run of the most grueling task the city of Paragon has to offer, mastering Statesman's Task Force, and we did it on the first try! For those who don't know what this means, we had to face down Lord Recluse and all his cronies without any defeats, and with no assistance from things like Shivans or Warburg Nukes.

    Pictured from left to right are friend of the league Evilmeister, Leaguer Dynamite Girl, friend Plagatus, Leaguer Punchin' Judy, friends PsiBug and Nu Guy, and Leaguers the Grey Cheater and Andora Adlet. Floating above is the Phantasm, who continues to show his distaste for our activities by turning his back to us.

    It should be noted that between Cheats' pants, and Andy's lack thereof, Lord Recluse was so distracted that he never stood a chance.

    The badge Statesman gave us all for this monumental task makes Punchin' Judy the #1 badger in all of Virtue!

    Congrats PJ, Leaguers, and friends!

    Night-Girl logged this intel at 10:17:00 PM


    Happy (belated) New Year!

    Almost two weeks ago now, we had our 2nd annual New Year's Day Party, and it was a blast! Here are some pictures:

    We started out with some people chilling out in the Liberty Lounge, having drinks, and listening to the awesome music provided by the Cape. Towards the beginning of the night, they played My Personal Moon by Madison Park, which is my favorite song! Later they also took my request for Man on the Moon by REM. Poor Andy Kaufman (no relation to our Andy).

    Pictured here are the winners of the Silver Age costume contest! On the left is Zero Crossing, in the middle is Erudin (I think?), and on the right we have Atomic... um... somebody. I should have taken notes. =/

    We moved to the Pool, and had a good time there, with some dancing, swimming, and of course the poolside bar. The DJ also played Brain Damage from Dark Side of the Moon, which I totally love, even if it is hard to dance to.

    You can see Ascendant flirting with Andy in the back!

    Here are the winners of the Heroes of the Years Gone By contest, which was sort of a cross between a tribute to classic heroes and a general Golden Age contest. Sadly, again my memory fails me, and the only person I can name is Ragnarocket (how could you forget an awesome name like that?) on the right.

    If you won one of these contests, please post a comment so I can let everyone know who you are!

    Night-Girl logged this intel at 9:53:00 PM


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